Assalamu'alaikum. Maaf sebelumnya, seluruh jawaban anda muncul di Home saya meskipun saya tidak memfollow anda. Saya hanya ingin menyampaikan sedikit unek unek jika anda tidak keberatan, tolong jika jawab ask..jangan menjawab seenaknya saja. Walau menurut anda baik, bisa jadi cara anda menjawab meny

before you asking me
please for the first.
Look at your words that have been you said syifa.I don't understand your question about my ans.
i postpone my ans for your quest.before this,I'm so busy watching an anime and
I was immediately surprised to see a very strange questions like this.let me to explain more about who does'nt just answering a questions and not merely entertain? if yes it's up to the users's want to answer anything,right?
Offended's problem or not it does not matter especially if to you to express illfeel to me? One of my principle is
"My life is does'nt make the others to be happy" 😊

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