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Dan_Yal’s Profile PhotoDanyal ツ
"Tmhari zaat sy kisi ko tkleef nae honi chaye, AGR hogi tou uska nuqsan tmhain hee uthana pare ga, dunya fani hai yhn hurt kr k, nuqsan pohncha k jee lo gi agy kya kro gi? Koi badsalooki krta hai? Krny dou tm ny apna zarf & ikhkaq hmesha acha rkhna hai"
N thats how my baba told me one basic key to live a happy life :')

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itsharoonnasir’s Profile PhotoHaroon
Sometimes your heart become soo damn heavy & tired from fighting, keeping your thoughts optimistic, keeping it within you, having so many responsibilties, longing for things and then you really want to SCREAM out loudly, you wanna get rid off that frustration, that helplessness STILL you hold on things, yourself BCZ you know THIS IS ALL WORTH IT. Your TAWAKUL, IMAN, YAQEEN on ALLAH'S PLAN never let you down doesn't matter how hard life is YOU HAVE FIRM BELIEVE THAT ALLAH LOVES YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, HE WONT LET YOU SUFFER, WHATEVER IS HAPPENING IT HAS SOME PURPOSE, SOME MEANING, one day another we will know the reason behind TILL then you have to keep your head high. Its okay to feel down, to cry, to scream but its temporary. IN SHA ALLAH :') ❤
"اللہ کی محبت اس کی آزماش سے بڑی ہوتی ے" ❤
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Do you believe having an emotional affair is cheating?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Yes cheating is CHEATINGGGG.
Agr ap koi bhi cheez apny partner k sath share nae kr skty tou faaeda aese relation ka? Jhn apko emotional support bhi kisi "dosre" sy chaye ho? Ya kisi bhi baat k lye kisi dosre ki trf jao?.
Koi bhi rishta chalany k lye you need to be BEST FRIENDS with each other first tky wou AP mei hr cheez dhoondhein na k dosre mei 💯

کوئی پرانی یاد ؟ :)

asfandyaraddi’s Profile Photoنہ چھیڑو ہم ستائے ہوئے ہیں
Kl meri czn ki beti us sy zid kr k ruth k beathi howi thi tou mghy mera time yaad agya jb baba thy na mei un sy hmesha koi na koi zid krti thi (perks of being only daughter) and mei un sy naraz hojati thi n hmesha khti thi "jaein mei nraz houn ap sy" tou he always used to say k, "meri dhee (beti) rani q nraz hai mere sy". I swear EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he used to say this and then wou MNATY thy chahe mei bilawaja q na houn. Bs aesa hee rishta hota hai baap beti ka. Insan chala jata hai insan ki yaadein rh jati hain. Bittersweet memories :') ❤
کوئی پرانی یاد


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