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See ya 👋🏼

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Thoughts on gingers?

I am one soooo

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You're all ugly

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post a selfie of you atm

this is an everyday thing

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Are you out going or shy?


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Person you can't stand

A lot of people

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Week plans 4 u


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Who's your fav person everr

My boyfriend

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Pap of you rn


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sorry, what is so this is too much about that, lol......when they used the red one on you, did you have to be on your stomach, side, or back?


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at least it is in the past now, thank God.....were you also about 8-9 when they switched from using the red cased one to using the blue?

This is too much hahah

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lol.....used to hate when mom had the red case, the vaseline, and tissues in her always meant the pants would be coming down real soon....hahahahah

LMFAO who is this

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did you hate it more when they used the blue cased one or the red cased one?

The red cased ones for up your butt, sooooo

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Did your parents have those glass thermometers for when you were sick where there was one in a blue case and then another in a red case?

Yes lol

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What are you doing pap

Add a snap log screenshot plz

No thanks

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What's up

At work hbu

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pap of your snapchat log

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I'm the cats pajamas