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My boyfriend cheated on me so many times and confessed it after gaslighting me and making me go crazy. I shouldn’t feel bad if I cheat back?

Hell no. Come on over

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Is it abusive when my man accused me of going through his backpack, when I did NOT, and because he thought I did, he thought that because I apparently violated and disrespect his property, he could do the same to me....he threw my belongs all over the apartment...clothes, pictures, EVERYTHING...

Is this a bf?

Do you want a baby? Or if you already have kids do you want another one?

Can we practice a bunch first?

Is there someone who calamity has not struck? A family with out camlity in their history?? Who are they?

They are calamity Janeless

Boyfriend constantly lies should I forgive him?

No. As long as you keep forgiving him. Its going to continue


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