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I wish I never met you. You obviously have a problem with men. Do not mention my name anymore.

You only sorry in theory I would have never said s h i t to you if you wouldn't have came to me with your b u l l s h i t I am done talking.

If someone sent you videos (that you found disturbing) as a joke, would you block them or would you tell them to stop sending those vids instead?


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I’m on my way to come get my wife you know who you are

She is not your wife if she is with him she is his girl unless he is tricking I would share her or leave her

Personal message me plz

Hold your breath until I do I really said all I have to say so you can get on board and sail away or drown

Do you think love is real?

Not for loser's men cause they love undercover dick all they do is trick

What is it like to have a miserable mother?

I wonder what it's like to be a loser and think you a winner.

I deleted all of my old accounts, everywhere. I wonder if you saw all our old messages disappear? I only wish you the best happiness my love. 💜🍻 here’s to meeting such a beautiful soul that changed my life, I’m just glad you were part of it, if even for that fleeting moment. Take care & be safe.

Now hopefully you leave me alone cause I blocked your ass again your bullshit words don't mean nothing to me and soon I won't want anything you got.
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