Ask @rocketboxx:

Any further release of Rocketsubs? ._______.

Rocketsubs is having a little bit of an... ahem, downtime, as most of the team is overwhelmed with work and school. There are no immediate plans to sub anything new, but DO plan to revive the team in the future. If anybody is interested in joining the team, contact us by sending an email or hit us up on Twitter or the forum!

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Do we have any news re U-Kiss coming back to the States for another concert series? And where should I check for news re their overseas concerts?

No news as of yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were plans for the near future. We generally announce dates on our twitter before we post a more detailed piece on the forum, so I'd say keep an eye on @rocketboxx and "Lights" at!

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Who designs the rocketboxx community index button? Or I mean where the picture of U-Kiss as the avengers were (now replaced by their mono scandal pictures). I really like the picture! :D

Those wonderful illustrations are by the very talented 'hugmedeadly' (Hane). You can find her on Twiter, Tumblr and, of course, Rocketboxx. If you see her, tell her she's awesome. :)

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What happened to U-KISS's Concert in Brazil, 2012, was cancelled? Some say it happened because U-KISS was busy, or Onyx, who should had brought them lied to us... What really happened, if you have some information? ^-^

We have no information about this for you, unfortunately. It could have been many factors. Scheduling issues, creative differences, etc. Sorry.

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How can I retrieve my former account on rocketboxx? I haven't changed my e-mail on my account. And the e-mail that I was using was deleted. And I also forgot my password. TT TT

Do you remember when you last used your account? I can look up the email you used if you email us the details. However, if it was deleted during a forum prune, then we cannot get it back for you. The best thing to do then would be to create a new account.

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