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What is the difference between living and existing?

A v.big difference. But trust me, everyone on this planet is here to serve a purpose unique, everyone deserves to live life to the fullest. So don’t just exist, live. Live life to the fullest, find your motivation in life, find your purpose, and do wonders. Each one of us is special and let no one make your feel otherwise ;-;

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Isy baat py, how to deal with emotionally dead people, when on other hand you love them?

I try my best to make them realize how they can’t live life to the fullest if they don’t try to reconnect with their emotions. And if all my efforts fail, I leave them because I don’t have the stamina to act as an emotional rehab center for anyone beyond a certain point ;-;

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What qualities do you want in your freinds

Empathy, understanding, lack of possessiveness and clinginess. Tolerance and a calm persona! I’m vvv. reactive and a short tempered person, most of the people I’ve ever gotten really close to have always been cool minded. So my aggression generally go to a minimum whenever I’m around them. They cushion the fire inside me :p a good sense of humour, open mindedness and an extreme lack of judgement. A need inside them to grow with me but not put me down/make me feel highly criticized. The quality of listening to me when they know I’m right. No insecurity about their importance in my life. Just good, wholesome connections ;-;

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