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Any piece of advice for your followers?

میاں الامير حمزة
You are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with, choose them wisely. If they complain a lot, you will inevitably complain a lot. If they are lazy, you will become lazy. If they are not actively improving themselves, you will not actively improve yourself--unless you leave the situation and find others who will reflect that part of you
It is very difficult to remain in a state of happiness when you are surrounded by negativity! :)
Take notes! Spread positivity 🦋🌼

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You look good! ❤️ The only mistake you do is answering these questions.💯 Just saying. Dont mind! 😊

Thanks alot.
The reason why I post such answers is to make those loosers assure that my Hijab and the way I am is my strength and there is nothing to do with you such nasty creeps.
Sensible and mature people doesn't even pass such comments!
And I really don't know why they hide their identity and then spread negativity and hatred. Such garbage people much wow. 💯
Besides all, thanks alot for adoring me mate. Allah bless you! ❤️🥀

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