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David iz?

well i absolutely love David so much and I can tell him anything and I just love talking to him hahaha but he always has me rolling and he's so nice and ya
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How you doin is from norbit

Oh ok haha I looked it up on google but I've never seen it before. Is it good?

I want to tell you this personally but i couldn't bc i dont have your number and i dont have kik. Some of things you say hurt me although i think you dont like me anyway. But it doesn't really matter because i just cant you who i am. You dont need to take it seriously but yeah

Well I'm really sorry. I don't try to be mean. I'll try to be nicer, but I probably do like you. I was probably just annoyed that day. My kik is ronniecon4 if you wanna talk to me

Ur such a bully! I honestly don't know how someone could ever like you, I hope one day you realize what you do can effect other people!

I am actually not a bully? If something that I said "effected you" you should tell me personally so I can actually do something about it bc right now I don't take this seriously


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