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Do you miss your past relationships?

Relationship with an “s”. Seriously! What has got into our society. The way we have started using the term relationship and love.12 years old kids getting into relationship, is it a joke to you. Its not something that you can change and find a new one. Its not a car or a dress. If you are leaving some with whom you were in a relationship, please stop calling it a relationship. Call it whatever you want but relationship. If it didn’t destroy you when its gone don’t call it love ✋🏼.

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Yaqeen ni ata aisy b chutiya insan hoty hyn tmhary jaisy k yeh sign use kr k aisy samjty hain k hum pata ni kitny education insan hai

Bhai ap shadeed ehsas e kamtari ka shikar hain. Is sign ka education k koi taluq ni balqay ap ki bizti se hai. Or ap ki tableegh or parents ki tarbiat bs itni he thi. Just look at your words and fuck off 😆🖕
Achi tarha janta tm jeso. Pehlay khud ko thk kro phr ana tableegh krnay

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