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عشان العيد قرب ؟ كل عام وربي يديم صوتك ويديمك ليا ويديم ضحكتك ولا يمس قلبك حزن ولا يمس عيوتك بكا ولا يمسك شر ويديمك لعمري عمرين ولا يحرمني شوفتك والجلسة معاكي ويحفظك يارب 💘

امين يارب

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Are afraid of bug as small as it is ! Are u afraid of ur dreams as big as they seem!! If the sky is the limit why do we limit ourselves!
U've spent a lot of time wishing that u was someone else!!
Who u r at ur core ! Will u fight for what u love ! Do u give in to the world and not give enough!! Will u keep true to ur morals and what u believe!! Will u stand tall like a tree! Or blow away like a leaf?

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