Ask @roseofsagittarius:

??What would you say to your young self and why?

Not everyone you meet wants to be your friend. Keep yourself guarded so you do not get hurt.

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Would you ever consider going to college in Italy?


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How tall are you? Take a photo in full height

I wont take a picture, but I am 5'5

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Are you a good bro/sis?

I hope I am

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Are you going to watch the movie "It"? If you've already seen it, how did you like it?


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Would you rather have a boyfriend/ girlfriend for life or a best friend for life?

Best friend, DUH

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Who were your triplets in lemuria?

Reflection & Purity ❤❤

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best congratulation on bd


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Have you experienced true love?


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Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus?

I literally made an event on FB for my college where we scream like doodlebob in the quad and if this doesnt speak volumes about my current meme attitude, then I do not know what will.

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Where do you see yourself in one year? 5 years? 10 years? Even 20 years?

Someone motivate me to do this chemistry homework

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If you were a volunteer, where would you like to work?

At a children's hospital and/or a counseling center

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It's Eat an Extra Dessert Day! What's one dessert you could eat all day long?

I just had some red velvet cake, lol. But I would love to eat any desert with strawberry like strawberry shortcake ice cream!

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PAP something that reminds you of Lemuria?

do you normally eat breakfast first thing in the morning? what's your favorite breakfast food?

moon spirit spam;
Not really. I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. I don't eat anything until 12 or 1 pm depending if I am at home or not. When I am going to class, I usually settle on coffee first before I eat anything.

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what time do you usually wake up in the morning? what time do you go to bed? do you believe you get a decent amount of sleep per night?

moon spirit spam;
I get up around 10 am and I go to bed at either 12 or 1 am lol

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What is a common misconception about you?

That I am a heartless snake, lol.

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How are you achieving your goals as a princess right now?

Through meditations, tarot readings, and speaking with my spirit guide.

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Do you help out in your community at all (volunteering, public works, etc)?

I have been volunteering at my university since freshman year and I always found it enjoyable. I also did almost 100 hours of community service during senior year of HS. In three weeks, I am going to volunteer at a children's hospital to get relevant experience for my nursing major.

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Last time you felt betrayed?

Last time you were sad?


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Last time you were really happy?

Yesterday after spirit guide meditation :3

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Last hug?

My best friend Jem when we departed for the three day weekend!

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Last kiss?

My ex from three years ago.

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What's your idea what FM means in ASKfm?

For more? idk

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