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personalities. But you also play up his other traits in just the right degree. You also manage to weave in these incredible moments of character development where he's started searching for good things and wants to just be good to his little boy.

I needed this, because Ashton can be a little complex for me to play. I want to stick to the root of his “persona” but I always want him to mature as well, since he is a dad now and all. So thank you for applauding me on how I portray him, I needed it. :’)

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There have been so many Ashton's it's hard to keep track really. But you're by far my favorite. You've put such a commitment into this character. You've shaped him into something really complex and interesting. I love how you don't shy away from his issues with addiction and the hard parts of his -

I LOVE YOU, like seriously. Whoever you are, this is so sweet. thank you so much, it’s nice to see some positivity being spread around.

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Quote song lyrics for a ship you have, romantic or not, and have people guess who it is.

“Even though we're going through it
And it makes you feel alone
Just know that I would die for you
Baby I would die for you, yeah
The distance and the time between us
It'll never change my mind, 'cause baby
I would die for you
Baby I would die for you, yeah
I'm finding ways to manipulate the feelin' you're goin' through
But baby girl, I'm not blamin' you
Just don't blame me too, yeah
'Cause I can't take this pain forever
And you won't find no one that's better
'Cause I'm right for you, babe
I think I'm right for you, babe
You know what I'm thinkin'
See it in your eyes
You hate that you want me
Hate it when you cry
It ain't workin' 'cause you're perfect
And I know that you're worth it
I can't walk away, oh!”

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