Ask @rpKaiLion:

WHat if you get a new friend? Would you be careful around them and watch them carefully? Or would you trust them after a day or two being around them?

Really depends on their background and their personality. If there like me there definitely be a lot of watching and observing. However if they were saying a four-year-old girl who was raised on the street like me I'd probably trust them but still keep my eye on them.

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Do you want to find your clan/family/siblings? If you do find them, What would you do/ask?

In answer to the first question, yes I would like to find them however I don't really plan on looking for them at this point. As what I would do/ask I don't know it would depend on who's still living… If it were my parents I'd ask why was I left or what happened how did we get separated?

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Why don't you know where your from or what you are?

I'm a street urchin so never had a mom or dad, which either means they abandoned me, were killed or for all I know I might be a mutant of normal anthropomorphic felines. Sorry that's not much of an answer but that's all I have. It's been me myself and I for a long time. As I said above I never have found anyone who knew what kind of creature or whatever you want to say I am.

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What is your love history if we may ask?

Had a girlfriend, didn't work out. Bought a pet who became my mate, and I have one Fox lover who was formally a pet, human lover, A kind of occasional girlfriend. Now casual encounters is a different thing altogether. *Grins a little bit*I'm a little flirting and like teasing people and sometimes that leads to things. However my lovers mate and pets understand. So yeah kind of a long answer but my love life is I guess complicated.

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