Ask @rukaiyajaved:

Iwant to know you and become stranger in a month again..... Why people practicing this thing?

AR Mehr
You have me up against the wall
Soon as you walk through the door
I couldn't look the other way
Think I forgot my name
And every girl that's in the room
Don't compare to you
You're takin over me
And everything that you do
Got me high on love, and it's all because of you
You're all that I've been thinking of
Gotta say that it's not like me
But it's all okay 'cause I can't get enough of love
You got me higher than ever
With every time you get closer
My heart beats over and over
So fast that I can't control it
It's all in the way that you move
But how I got myself into?
Would you catch me? I'm falling for you
Catch me, catch me
Would you catch me? I'm falling for you...

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