Ask @ruthiebea:

What sorts of things test your patience?

Quite a lot, although I try not to let it show. Bad manners, ignorance, racism, sexism, stubbornness, arrogance, religious nuts who feel the need to ram their belief system down your throat but on the other hand it irks me when people are always blaming religions for violence, the religion is fine it's the dicks who follow it and choose to interpret it into some warped version to justify what they do, xenophobes... And slow Wi-Fi ;)

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Quick question tonight: Do you have a poker face? Are you good at keeping a straight face if you have a bad hand of cards? I'm in a poker game with some work colleagues on Wednesday so practicing my cards tomorrow with my dad and sis Eeeekkk ! :p

Oh God, I have literally NO poker face, people know when I am lying (Because I suck at it!) or when I am excited (Because I squeal or go hyper without knowing it!)

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