Which is more important: inpatient or outpatient mental health services?

It is difficult to know if inpatient or outpatient services are more desperately needed by the average community. While it is true that many millions of people have availed themselves of outpatient mental health services, and that the number of outpatient treatments probably exceeds the number of inpatient treatments by a huge factor, those who need inpatient treatment are often in acute distress. In fact, asking this question is a bit like asking which is more important, a doctor's office or an emergency room.
The answer https://www.pinterest.com/rutlandmental/ depends on what is happening to the patient. If a patient has a cold, he or she goes to the doctor's office, while if the patient is injured in a car accident, he or she goes to the emergency room.
Therefore, while the number of people needing outpatient mental health services is much higher than those needing inpatient services http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=ZxQuWJwrejxkk35M9diogw it does not necessarily follow that outpatient services have a higher priority than inpatient services.

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