Where can I find more information on mental health services?

There are a great many resources available to people who have questions about mental health issues and the services they can find to help them https://www.flickr.com/photos/rutlandmentalhealthdanielquinn/ . Those who have questions can start by talking to their regular doctor. Simply discussing mental health issues can be disturbing and embarrassing, but doctors understand these issues and are there to help. A doctor cannot disclose any confidential information about your health without your permission, so feel free to talk openly about your concerns.
Your doctor may refer you to another physician or a mental health program in your area. Another good place to find information about mental health services is on the web. A simple search of the name of a town and "mental health services" will usually yield a wealth of information https://soundcloud.com/rutland-mental-health-daniel-quinn . Most phone numbers offer confidential lines that will allow potential patients to get information without worrying about their information become public knowledge.

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About Rutland Mental Daniel Quinn:

Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn has been leading nonprofits and mental health facilities for more than 15 years. After getting his MBA in Health Administration from the Western New England University he became a leader in the mental health field, and the President of the Community Care Network.

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