Did CEO of Rutland Mental Health Services create inpatient or outpatient mental health services?

At the time the various mental health services were created for Vermont residents through a non-profit organization to raise funds http://www.rutlandmentalhealthdanielquinn.tumblr.com , it was determined that in-patient services were most necessary, although there were many outpatient services that were expanded or funded at this time as well. The purpose of the non-profit organization's founding was to raise funds to pay for the development of inpatient services, which is always expensive and often impossible for small communities to achieve.
However, it was clear that there was a need for inpatient services for addiction treatment http://quinnd101.wix.com/rutland-daniel-quinn , dementia issues and other mental health problems. Finally, money was raised to being several mental health programs that were designed specifically to meet the inpatient needs of small communities throughout the state of Vermont. As a result of the implementation of these programs, these residents have been able to access professional, inpatient mental health care for the first time.

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About Rutland Mental Daniel Quinn:

Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn has been leading nonprofits and mental health facilities for more than 15 years. After getting his MBA in Health Administration from the Western New England University he became a leader in the mental health field, and the President of the Community Care Network.

Rutland, Vermont