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Your face is

As beautiful as the whispering pines imbued with the smell of smoked honey dew drops and a salty warm taste reminiscent of the bright Dutch braids with parsed moist lips & the shining sun on a wintery Christmas morning cold enough to see your own breath & bright enough to see the shining soul of the sun within your bright blue eyes as they reflect my love back to me and a smile as bright as the brilliance of a thousand jewlbox diamonds fit for the winter princess standing with fresh eyes and fresh air as she breaths in the life giving force & breadth of love she carries every day in hear heart every morning so brilliantly even the sun would blush. All wrapped up in the poised air of sexual exuberance just budding to blossom in excitement & ultimatle released upon via the brilliance of the rays of its grand gesture unto the world & beget by the heavens did speak it as such into existence & touched by the kiss of the golden angels who's hearts made even the most vile of the earth melt and beget a light of good and grandness so fine even a mouse would be trusting of the beauty that is beholden to them and brimming with the sexual stamina & loving caring nature of a mother with the carefree youth of the world of every beautiful briming bride to be upon the world in their 20's.k Looking across the ocean on land across open seas remembering how much she loves & appreciates her family with hear heart aglow with the love she seeks either be it past, present, or even future she not yet knows but doth hold it in her heart.... forever encoded into her genes upon the strands of DNA Like the very locks of golden threads upon her head and complemented by the crimson blush of her beauties tale so finely woven even the gods had immortalized her and set her the standard of beauty yet intwined within the nature of every woman thereafter...... Bringing ultimate truth the the world in which there is only love. There TRUE LOVE RESIDES FOREVER EVERLASTING. AMEN.

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At what point do you give up on someone?

it depends but I think the answer lies in a few question's.
1. What makes you truly happy?
2. How do you define love? What is love?
3. Can you learn to find happiness within yourself?
4. Are they willing to do anything to be with you?
5. Are you willing to do anything to be with them
6. Can you be brave to be with them or not?
7. How long are you willing to wait or not?
8. What are you truly looking for?
9. What is LOVE?

What do you think about men who don't flirt with women, don't text them and don't make eye contact with them

I think that it depends on a lot of factors. It could just be that they are introverted & love shy like I USED to be. The total approximation of Love-Shy men account for approximately 1.7 Million in the US Alone.
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If you love someone, why disappear?

That's exactly how I feel about this one girl who hasn't texted me back yet.

Don't allow your friends to fill your head with ideas of what a former lover may do if you go back to them. Just because your friends have dealt with certain situations, doesn't mean you will deal with the same.

I'm curious to know more.
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