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dude where can i find the tunes yall use on your videos they are beyond sick!!!

people have been uploading their own versions online but i dont have anywhere where i just upload all the songs

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y'all ever gonna make more americus hats from back in the day?


new stuff coming on!!!

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ryan how did you guys get on the ride channel?

This is Spencer why do you keep calling me Ryan?- Spencer

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You should make a clip for the mtndew push re-edit. I think you'd win it for sure

Prolly... Prolly not nigga!!! - Spencer

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Is there any way to drop the shipping price? Really want a red deli shirt but don't wanna pay $16 shipping to Aus.


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one more question, how did you guys get noticed and YouTube famous?

that happened just over time and im sure with a lot of help from the odd future videos on the channel

View more please ryan can you watch me and my friends skate video i edited it i just want your two sense to see if i did good please enjoy (((:

i really liked the part in taco bell it reminded me of my own niño days that was a very special moment honestly

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I just want to let you know that I think your videos are honestly masterpieces and it's gonna pay off one day (if it hasn't already) NOTHING but love for Deli. You keep doing you Ryan and never loose your ambition to use your talent

i really appreciated you saying that especially right now THANK YOU my friend

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Please bring back july-august edit

i think im gonna upload it ot vimeo soon

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can i be in a delistatus video :) im from toronto lol

lol link up

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do you do music as well?


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which canon do/did you use i use a t3i but my quality seems dumb bad compared to yours in a general since of the HD

Mic L

i use a Canon 7d

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hey ryan , what camera & what editing software do you use?

canon 7d, FCP7

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hey man was wondering what camera you use with the fisheye in all the dsvx videos. Cheers


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how come we don't really see Chris and Nate as often now?

theyre still around but i actually the one whos not really around lol

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What did wildly and jimmy get locked up for and how long will they be there? Sucks dude they were so fun to watch skate


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When did yall like start bein together as a squad? Did yall was in same skool?

some of us were in highschool together but it was really everyone just knowing each other from the past or just meeting people through friends or whatever, then we were all pretty much united through westchester skatepark opening up

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Ya vids just get a nigga so inspirated. Big props poppa

thank you that really makes me hyped

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Is dere any deli tees for females? Was thinkin to cop one fo my boo

dang none for females, we only have those size smalls my fault

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whats that song at 1:44 on DSVX3, shit is beyond tight

outer space - madlib

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Did Jimmy's Twitter get hacked? There's a bunch of weird stuff in another language tweeted as recent as a day ago.

i have NO clue what that us lmao

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Is Sammy getting back on board please answer

sammy has been on board non stop, whether you see him in the videos or not

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Dem new vids are flyy!! When will a non vc10000 vid come out?

thank you! the vx1000 series is over for now im back on the old videos

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can you get the old deli status back for another edit #misselmer (Chris Harris Nate Sells Elmer Shawn Davis Sammy Shatz Cedric Ford Table-Salt Armani Cooper and Dominic Candelaria)


i wish but thats borderline impossible lol

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