Ask @ryanzarr:

Hey, mau tanya menurutmu apa 'faktor utama' pembangun kesan pertama yg baik pada seseorang? Misalnya cara bicaranya, tingkah lakunya, tatap matanya, dsb. Dan kenapa? Terimakasih sudah mau berbagi! #jarkom

be yourself

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Yaa no matter what you still my first crush in my high school Sukses teruuss nice to meet you anyway *gausahdibalesya :)

Asu anon bikin kepo. Reveal yourself. Aamiin

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Who the bloody hell asked you that "gay" questions za? 😂😂 isn't it obvious that you are clearly a straight guy? 💁🏾

dunno but i knew it was my friend

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whats wrong with being gay anyway its not something bad to be remembered about

yes its bad its stupid its gross its not gentle. the only good thing that gays have is 90% of them are handsome

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so i dont stand a chance? like youre straight? for real?

yes im straight. Come on this is my last year in high school, dont remind me as a gay

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ryanza i pray to god for once to understand your humor but i. dont. get. your. humor.

copo. Ur the gay kid? I'll call u, maybe we can have some fun

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