Ask @rylandmlyn:

Sex is the most powerful pleasurable and best feeling in the world and women(the sex objects) are put in this world to pleasure us men

This is fucked up. Women weren't put on the world to please us. They aren't something we can just use. Women are a hell lot better then us men. Why? Just reread what you said. Women would never say that shit about us. They know we have feelings just like them and they wouldn't use us just for sex. Men are fucked up really. I'm sorry to all the wonderful women who think this is what we think because it isn't. You are beautiful, wonderful, and I don't know what the hell we'd do without you. You're stronger then we are, I'll admit that. I have three wonderful women in my life who've shown me that. God, I really hate someone would send this to me. No one should ever think that of women. Grow up dude, realize how fucking wonderful they are before you just use them and end up hurting them. They could do a hell lot better without you.

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