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Do you find isaac creepy?

Not at all? I don't think anyone is creepy -w- unless they start to ask a lot of personal questions out of nowhere hahaha
Btw is this isaac

hello im cute girl pro osu player for team sg histowaa and professional gfxer nice 2 meet u

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hello i'm a hot guy derp osu player for team nonexistent and derp gfxer nice 2 meet u
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Are you allowed to bring your Mac to school whenever you want to or for projects only? Because I've noticed you do school work on it (even saying that you don't play in school because you can't stand people watching you)

it's a requirement for my school to bring a macbook and we use it for school

Hover or drag?

setting the raging aside i can't hover... AND I'LL BE BACK TO OSU TMRW

Do you like anime? If yes, what animes you like the most?

It's a love-hate thing i guess.... idk
A lot of animes... Code Geass, Guilty Crown, Zetsuen no Tempest, Mondaijitachi, Sunday Without God, Tokyo Ravens and maybe some others I left out :<

What makes you feel proud of yourself?

The completion of a piece of work (drawing/skinning/GFXing or anything which is challenging) ;)

what program did you put an text on your avatar in osu? :o i wanna know sooo badly! please tell me senpai ;^;

gimp desu~
love you kouhai <3


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