Ask @saadmk00:

if you get good grades then you're laik lol. are you gonna do a-levels or inter bc i had some class fellows in clg who did o-levels aur jab unkay grades achay nahi aye tou wo inter mein agayein. i hope you get good grades though;-;;

Haha I.A achay ayengay i have done much mehnat oku dua kiya kren ap mere liye and um ill obv go for A levels cus i wish to go to germany for university so for that the cambridge students have an upper hand i guess. Wese bhi o levels krke inter krne ka kia faida. And wby your inters ending what are your plans? Doctor?
Pls untickk ooof xD

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oh don't be.i'm just an annoying little shit who doesn't have any friends and who is desperate to have a friend. lmao

Well mate shouldnt talk bad about yourself ,aint good. And if you really think you have some things in you that someone find annoying you can try to change 'em no? Except for being over loving and stuff cus thise are not are not annoying

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