Ask @SaadOverHere:

I am going to deactivate my ask username and honestly i loved you guys and we had fun together actualy i want to apologize from anyone for anything wrong that came out from me, i will try my best to check my friend's messages a day in a week, sorry once again, Love ya', take care <3 😍❤️

Bu Hamad
Oh bhai omg your fans gonna miss you damn like pls dont leave we all love you so much omg i cant even make some space for O2. Ahh god okay mate pls bubyeeee ❤

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"Thought on askfm"

How works:
You're nice on you get hate
You're not good looking - you get hate
You have a great personality- you get hate You're honest- you get hate
You upload too many pictures- you get hate
You stick up for people who are getting hate-you get hate
You upload or tell a bad situation in your life- you're attention seeking and get hate
You ask to 'spam for spam'- you get called a beg and get hate
You give everyone hate, and aren't a nice person- everyone loves you
So yeah pretty much fucked up shit.

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