Ask @sabafoba:

How do you say goodbye to someone You never really had.?? Why do Your Tears fall so endlessly for someone who was never really Your's.?? Why is it You miss someone You was never really with.?? And why do You love someone whose love was never really Yours.?? #so_many_questions..!! #one_answer..??

It's called being Human. Nothing else. We tend to love people who don't even know our existence. We even love things. Like, dude, THINGS would never ever know our existence.
Endless tears, Missing someone, Goodbyes are just a part of life, but not life.
Why don't we look at the best parts of life? Meeting new people, looking at the sunsets, reading books, or just anything that makes you feel good. OMG! SLEEPING!
Life is like Yin Yang, deal with it.

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hey girl i was checking up my feed and i found your profile! you look pretty mashallah! the way you reply is too kind and generous!! youve got best qualities in you! i really wanna know you and have a convo with you 🙈🙈❤💕

Thank you so much for everything that you said. It's your perception that is good on me. I am the way I am.
Haha, and the thing is I never posted my pic. I'm not that pretty (Please, lol). I would really love if someone loves me for my personality. I believe in it completely.
I would also love to have a conversation with you. Not just a conversation but know you in person as well. You too seem to be kind (lol, as you have said me, haha). I can be bad sometimes, too. It just depends. Mann, I'm so moody. I'm just like any other being. You'll find a million like me and even better than me.
I really appreciate that you took time to see my profile and conveyed your thoughts to me. You know, this thing is stated as kind, 'cuz you are making someone's day. :)
Thank you!

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