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Girls with : 1 hijaab or without? 2 coloured eyes or black? 3 talkative or shy? 4 fat or smart? 5 intelligent or not? 6 confident or shy?

girls with hijab or not its there choice. Every girl is beautiful if she have colored eye or not. Talkative or shy or confident it's their own talent, u can' judge a girl by their shyness or confidence, shy girls are cute and a woman's or girls BEST JEWELLERY IS HER SHYNESS. And yeah, quite people have loudest the mind. There is no such thing as a fat girl. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Every girl is smart in their own way. SO, stop comparing girls with these six bullets. All girls are beautiful in their own way if they wear hijab or not, intelligent or not, fat or smart, colored eye or not, confident shy or talkative.

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Post something aBout ur #Baba

TBH i respect my father alot i dont even raise a voice if anything annoys me about him. He is a best person i know. He do alot of hard work for us. No doubt he gets angry fast but he has a kind heart. He tries to fulfill my wishes and he do. He is the best father. Honestly, writing this making me cry becuz all of this i want to say him in front of him... and this post say it all

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Post something aBout ur Baba