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What would be your ideal "date night"?

briskyfumes’s Profile Photocassiopeia
lol well it wouldnt be just a night or just a dinner. my ideal date is a full day adventure. an example being say breakfast - Universal Studios - LACMA ( an arts museum) and finishing off with a rooftop or drive-in movie
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Do you like having music on while you study or rather it be quiet?

depends what im studying, doing or reading

What makes it hard for you to fall asleep?

cyniska’s Profile Photoemi
ugh im sleepy rn but having trouble cause i feel a little sick :/ so i got up.

There is always that person who has to say something to intentionally drag somebody down. Don't be that person.

briskyfumes’s Profile Photocassiopeia
only positive vibes from me!

Have you ever forgotten that you had the sink or the bathroom faucet on and it overflowed? I kind of forgot I left the hose on when I was filling the pool and the water kinda sorta overflowed. 😅😬

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
oh no! and no, im careful with stuff like that.


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