In this thread i was taking to you but now You can see my account is not showing

Oh stranger reveal ur identity ???

You forget everything?

U r insane i think..why you don't mention ur name..stupid person ?

I told you my name and showed you my user but you blocked me ? my name is zara


? how can it be? Just yesterday only you blocked me

blocked?? Are you ok?
I didn't block to any1

I told you everything na What else?

Don't irritate me again..plz?‍♀️

I'm not doing that Why do you feel like that?

I'm going to delete it( i mean account)just because of u..stupid ?

No pls not I'm not bad person

No u seems u r bad ...then what is ur problem why u don't untick

I'll delete my account rather I have no one here It's all my fault i thought i could make friends here but i was wrong no one will do friendship with me

Ok I have no issue with that...i just wanna know you..if not then Go and mind ur bussiness don't disturb me again here ..?

I was scared you blocked me once. I don't wanna get blocked again but now I'm not gonna stay i can't even find my friend also so I'll leave

That's good?

Ya Allah Sadia ye larai kis se chal rahi haiiii...

I don't know ??‍♀️

Tears stream down both of my cheeks. Good bye I'm so much sorry for all the trouble i caused you

Ok Good bye ?