Yes Just because you don't know me you judge me It is very hard for me to make friends and somewho i made one here but now i lot it

Yes idk u..?

So why you do that? I Just asked you a question and told you that I'm not ment to offend you and i respect you ☹

I'm sorry ?

sorry will not get my new friend back but it's ok that you realize plus I'm sorry

Y r u so serious!?

cause it's an serous issue

Ok plz do untick..den am going to answer your questions!?

I remember last time when i untick what i got I've to make this new account


Eh ?‍♂️ When did i asked you to be my friend? I'm talking to me


What you know to lose a friend You're so lucky to have so many friends where some have none

Yes Alhamdulillah ?‍♀️

And here i just had to pretend I just stayed outside all day and played with my friends Pretend I even had a friend to say was my friend ?

So what do you mean!?

Leave it you'll not understand If you can you'd have understood by now and in my last response i stared clearly

I feel so sad for you ?

Thanks for your symphony. I won't pout or cry or spiral down or whine. Plus one request don't judge a person too quick you not know what they're going through and what they've been through. 'Cause we only human, We all been making mistakes, oh if you only knew

Can you tell me your name or do untick.. i have a question for you?.?

You know my name But i don't wana show my user again cause last time you reported me


You really don't know who i am?

Yep i don't know you. Plz mention ur name

:o then all this time you've no idea to whom you're taking


Don't you remember whom you reported and block last time?