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Your Memorable moment(s) ? #staif

when i was probably 3 or 4 years old..i recalcitrated to my parents for a swing that'd be my own they denied first but at last they bought me one. i was so excited to have that. my father hung it over a tree in yard of my house. as i rode on it for the very first time i fell off so vividly. just from that moment i realized how important it is to listen to your elders.
i wish i could drink such a magical super power drink that'd help me have a sharp memory because the moments i only remember are "PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS" as it is nothing more than a compulsion.

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if you ever get a chance to remove a subject from Education system.What subject that would be?

badly wanted to tell.....THAT SUBJECT SURELY WOULD BE URDU. 😂😂
it happens usually that we students in our classes proudly are just telling every one "failed in urdu!" kinda things,, man! those puraany writers aren't in the world and left these un-understandable chapters for us. 😢😢
nope! it's not difficult it's hell boring..lekin.......... mujjhy urdu bolnaa pasand hy. 😋😀😶🙂

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Do you consider yourself a creative person? 😉😉

creative enough to answer a questio to ya!
budd! despite from that creativity comes from inside out, when i AM creative, it means i can just create my own world and for that i shouldn't care about any sort of goddamn person who criticises or abuses my world.
being creative is actually being alive, so yepp i am alive 😉😉

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C # or Java ?

that's cool bud! I'm a newly computer sciences student,,couldn't even understand what these two are actually meant to do,,i think you should use ASK rather!
Orrr......inform me anything about it.
Orrr...........have some tikka BBQ sort of something.
contact me for more options.😉😋🙂 (ukasha.saeed) at insta 😉😜

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