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Makes sence I know who stampy is I just don't watch him but I know he likes cake but I mostly watch Skydoseminecraft

Colliepops10’s Profile PhotoIrisElenaMeza
I don't like skydoesminecraft I mean he's funny I saw some of his videos

Do u like minecraft also budder or cheese

Colliepops10’s Profile PhotoIrisElenaMeza
I watch a youtuber called stampylongnose he's a mine craft youtuber so if it wasn't for him I wouldn't know minecraft and budder duh

did you know that the last 13 questions you answered (the last 12, plus this one) were asked by the same person who lovs you and wants to know how yu react to random stuff!!!???!!!!

wait what???

Hai um like i'm like a big lps popular fan...i like love it. but like..are you just like...a fangirl...like me... pretending to be the real sage bond but your just like a girl? cuz likee yeaaaah.

maybe maybe not who knows I am sage bond


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