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Insha'Allah. Is that something that happens to you very often. I read some questions about you going through same things last year

Yeah, I have this since childhood. It happens in a specific season. You can call it pollen allergy which shrinks my breathing path for a period. Cough injures the whole entire body due to pressure on organs. Then it recovers when the season ends.

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May I know the thought behind this one?

Two parallel worlds, my world,
seeking the sun, upside down,
underneath the ground,
Isolating myself, from upside down,
You dont need to enter that world,
I will roll on the other side to stay upside down, the inner world, covered & surrounded in a ball called earth. I don't feel comfortable to express it by words that's why i drew this. Here are the pieces, complete the puzzle.

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My life is between upside down. If you're willing to survive on earth then I'll be underneath. It helps me to concentrate on thinking. I love to live between reality & imagination. I don't know when will i stop acting like this. Perhaps when someone of you will raise hand to thank me for writing stuff that I've been hiding for the right time. I need everyone to listen me but you know... this answer will be lost in seconds in the news feed & all my thoughts will fade away.

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