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How good does it feel to be an artist?

This seems pretty casual but it is actually a really personal question due to involvement of personal feelings & thoughts BUT i can tell you few facts about this side of my personality.
First thing... There are many type of artists. Some get into this by passion to enjoy, to enhance skills. Some artists are ambitious to get fame. Apart from this, there are people who have secrets. I started drawing when i was a child because i was God gifted & people appreciated me as a child.
Later on... thing entertaining hobby took a change & i started drawing on regular basis. I used to draw random & attractive things.
I was a teenager that time. My life took a big turn & it totally changed my entire personality. I got addicted to art like smoking. I found a way to communicate with people because i knew that people see my work. I made efforts to communicate by drawing & interpretation of my thoughts. There are least amount of people who stop scrolling for an art piece.
An artist is a poor soul. No doubt people come & appreciate your work but they always walk away... The appreciation is 90% based on his skills & 10% on the message/Idea of the art piece. Understanding art is an art as well. The set of color scheme, aggressiveness of brush strokes & the idea... identifies the nature of an artist. I would conclude that there is no sign of happiness or sadness in an artists nature. He is communicating with the world by a blank mind. Art is just a psychological way of catharsis. My suggestion is to allow people in your life very selectively & allowing means to grant access of your mind. "Never advertise yourself, there is no market for your feelings"

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Do you give money to beggars? Why/why not?

I only give to aged people because it's difficult for them to get a job & i give to eunuchs because no body wants them as a servant. I never give to children because we are the one who spoil their habits & promote begging trend. There are people who sell things on road & i always purchase to increase their confidence that there is a way to get money instead of asking ton of people for just few rupees. Never give money to children. They will start earning soon.

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5 facts about you?

strawberry *.*
1) I have fallen from buildings 5 times. If you trim my hair, there are a lot of scars. God saved me everytime from death specially the 5th time. I fell on the gate & the iron bars went through my legs. Thank God it was leg...
2) I never took lessons for any music instrument. Guitars, ukuleles... I taught my self by closing eyes & hearing the sounds carefully. Specially drums. I never touched drums in my life because they are expensive but just by listening, I learned how to play them & i got chance to try them in a studio & nailed it without any problems.
3) I made my first drawing when i was four years old. I still have it. I sometimes see senior artists. The principles to draw nowadays were already in my mind from the beginning & it feels great to be gifted by God whether its drawing or music.
4) I have some kind of social anxiety issue. It stops me to perform on stage. I always sign for the musical night & then find excuses to avoid it. Its just a terrible feeling. Crowd hesitates me & attracts me at the same time.
5) I know you must be thinking that i have skills & etc... Believe me i suck at studies. I failed so many times that you can't even imagine. It pisses me off. When it's about art... I never leave a single dot. I prefer perfection in music videos, sound quality etc. I stay awake upto 3 days but i always give up when its time to solve maths, or to read Urdu ghazal... FML ;-;

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