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Do you give money to beggars? Why/why not?

I only give to aged people because it's difficult for them to get a job & i give to eunuchs because no body wants them as a servant. I never give to children because we are the one who spoil their habits & promote begging trend. There are people who sell things on road & i always purchase to increase their confidence that there is a way to get money instead of asking ton of people for just few rupees. Never give money to children. They will start earning soon.

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5 facts about you?

strawberry *.*
1) I have fallen from buildings 5 times. If you trim my hair, there are a lot of scars. God saved me everytime from death specially the 5th time. I fell on the gate & the iron bars went through my legs. Thank God it was leg...
2) I never took lessons for any music instrument. Guitars, ukuleles... I taught my self by closing eyes & hearing the sounds carefully. Specially drums. I never touched drums in my life because they are expensive but just by listening, I learned how to play them & i got chance to try them in a studio & nailed it without any problems.
3) I made my first drawing when i was four years old. I still have it. I sometimes see senior artists. The principles to draw nowadays were already in my mind from the beginning & it feels great to be gifted by God whether its drawing or music.
4) I have some kind of social anxiety issue. It stops me to perform on stage. I always sign for the musical night & then find excuses to avoid it. Its just a terrible feeling. Crowd hesitates me & attracts me at the same time.
5) I know you must be thinking that i have skills & etc... Believe me i suck at studies. I failed so many times that you can't even imagine. It pisses me off. When it's about art... I never leave a single dot. I prefer perfection in music videos, sound quality etc. I stay awake upto 3 days but i always give up when its time to solve maths, or to read Urdu ghazal... FML ;-;

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May I know the thought behind this one?

Zahra Syed.
Two parallel worlds, my world,
seeking the sun, upside down,
underneath the ground,
Isolating myself, from upside down,
You dont need to enter that world,
I will roll on the other side to stay upside down, the inner world, covered & surrounded in a ball called earth. I don't feel comfortable to express it by words that's why i drew this. Here are the pieces, complete the puzzle.

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+1 answer in: “What is the one area of life where you never seem to learn your lesson?”


My life is between upside down. If you're willing to survive on earth then I'll be underneath. It helps me to concentrate on thinking. I love to live between reality & imagination. I don't know when will i stop acting like this. Perhaps when someone of you will raise hand to thank me for writing stuff that I've been hiding for the right time. I need everyone to listen me but you know... this answer will be lost in seconds in the news feed & all my thoughts will fade away.

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But you have drawn so many ~ bg says. Do you tear them apart after drawing or keep what you have already drawn tho?

I enjoyed while drawing them. Those drawings aren't connected to my soul. My real drawings are finished with unconscious mind & full of aggression sometimes. I feel lighter after competing them. Haven't uploaded them. They are meaningless for public but awful for me sometimes.

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+1 answer in: “Why dont you draw faces”