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What do you do when you're happy, and do not you feel sad wanting to be alone until you're gone?

Honestly there is not much to do, because it seems like nothing is going to change that bad feeling. In fact, nothing really changes. I think the way is to respect ourselves, to be alone, and to let our bodies decide. The problem is if you're going to be in control of these feelings, you know? Do not let them dominate you and make all the decisions for you. It's been many years since my ups and downs, out of nowhere when it seems like it will work, everything fades right in my head. Life is like this. I wanted you not to feel that way, never really, but I can not help it, not even you. Just please, do not let things flee from your control, I endured for years this comes and goes and so will you. I know that. When you think you can not take another second of your life, remember when you've felt this way other times and you're still standing here alive. Respect your status, but do not let it win from you, because I swear it will pass. And soon thing will get better, of course, they do.hard time always passes. Everything passes. This is the life. It's worth it, even if it does not look like it.I hope everything would get better by your side soon in sha ALLAH.have faith on HIM.

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Do people come back into your life for a reason?

Yes everything is already written, people can come to your life and leave and then come back ages after if it's meant to be.
Some people come into our life for a period of time and that time has an end point. Some people don’t care about you when you are alone. They just care when they’re alone so they come and go as they wishes to.
Some people come in your life for a reason; to help you learn, to help you grow to help support you through most difficult times.And then there are people that are there for a lifetime.
People will come and go but everyone has something to teach you eventually.

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Have you ever known happiness ? If so, how long did it last?

I tend to be happy most of the time, but if I’m being honest I feel like it’s a very surface level type of happiness. As in, I rarely feel true joy. More often than not I feel sadness looming over me even though everything in my life would be going great (ALHAMDULILAH). My sadness used to be much more intense in past years though, so alhamdulillah my degree of happiness has changed and improved, and it’s all from the mercy of ALLAH (swt).

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how to not lose hope :(

Well tbh I've read once that you don't lose hope when you decide not to be afraid of anything, you're not afraid to love , live or even dream. I just know that there will always be times when you think that everything is going wrong but you just gotta remember that things sometimes go wrong before they can be right I'm just saying you gotta be strong cause bud most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be.
I Really hope everything will be okay with you there and I didn't sound like a total motivational speaker tho lol.

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sometimes I feel like I'm a waste. my family members don't even like me.

hey, what can I say? sometimes families are great and sometimes they're not. but the great thing is, the issues and problems we face in our life do have solutions.worst case scenario, and I really doubt it, but, sometimes families suck and don't have a valid reason to hate you, etc. but they do.but what's great is in sha ALLAH just a lil more patience and soon enough you'll have your own family who'll love you.and you'll love them. may ALLAH bless you with happiness in this life and the next and protect you from harm.

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Would you agree that people should be loved for who they are, not for who they could be? Why?

I mean, yeah. We should always try to be the best versions of ourselves, but sometimes that is not possible, whatever the reason may be. so, loving someone with the hope that they will somehow change, or vice versa, NOT loving someone because they're not how we want or expect them to be, is definitely wrong .-.

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