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Deep thoughts?

2020 ...... a year in which everyone lost something and gained something, a year in which many people lost their loved ones and some have left their loved ones and gone to a world from where ever, They will not come back. The year in which we learned so much, the year that told us what it is like to be imprisoned in a cage, the year that freed animals and Imprisoned human beings in their own homes. The year in which we learned what it means to be alone, learned to fight on our own and learn to win on our own. Kept our loved ones away, To save our lives and theirs. A year in which we lost a lot and learned to fight a war in which everyone took steps to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
Keep your loved ones away for your own good. An epidemic that engulfed not only one country but the entire world.
Everyone agreed on how to fight this epidemic. Every country is trying to save itself and this world from this epidemic.
Fighting the same epidemic, this year has come to an end, but this year has taken many loved ones with it.
“This is a bad time that will pass one day or another. The characteristic of a bad time is that it does pass but we are taught a lot, who stands with us and who stands against us.”
By Allah, this year has also passed,
But a lot has been learned.
GOOD BYE 2020……………………
Hope this 2021, brings us Happiness and gives us salvation from this Chaos, which envelops the whole World.

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کچھ بھی بتا دیں~

حاجی با د ا م گل
This year, i did nothing but survive. i did nothing but motivate myself to wake up with a positive mind. i mustered everything in me to keep myself from falling off track and give it all up because i felt so tired the kind of tired that rest could never make up for, the kind of tired that makes you wish you could sleep for days and wake up just when everything’s alright. but in the end, i commend myself for trying, for surviving because after all, i get to see these beautiful things in front of me, feel this overwhelming love around me, and appreciate what i could grasp in my hands. i survived and so did you. with that, i’m glad.💞

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