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Have you ever sympathised with a criminal?

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Not exactly sympathy, but a part of me does wonder what caused a normal human being to go on a killing spree or cut another human into pieces. There must be something extraordinary going on inside their head. Maybe it's due to the circumstances or they're just psychopaths. Any explanation?

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Does sleeping with different men make you feel any better about your insecure inferiority complexed personality?

Men would sleep with a tree if they could. Sleeping around ain't a solution for your issues. This would rather have the opposite affect. When they'll sleep with you and not continue the relationship, you'll be left with an even more shattered self-esteem.

How do you you've hit rockbottom?

See, these are fancy terms to explain k laggye hain tumharay. Hitting rockbottom for some can mean just failing a test, for others it could be losing everything they had. It's related to your threshold of bearing calamities.
It's a made up word, if you don't change what led you to your current state, you'll keep falling deeper in the pit. Change your habits :)

What does the quote in your bio mean sir?

Now kill can be interpreted as consume, drain anything. Anything you love, let it cling onto you, let it consume you, it may be a passion towards a goal, love for a person/thing.
The concept of nothingness (which is a long debate), wujood ne mit jana hai to behtar hai k wohi mitaye jis se ishq ho. There is no remorse in getting killed by a lover.
( Never judge any form of art on a rational scale, it's a totally different dimension to human mind that only a few people understand)


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