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There is a girl on ask, whom I find really cute. Now the thing is, agar mjhay cute lgti he to baki larko ko bhi cute lgti hogi. Or if will ever try to talk to her, chances are high k respond na kre kyu k ab appreciation ka bht intake aa rha ho to kon serious leta h especially girls. Ab kia kiya jy ?

Kar k dekhlo baat kia pata wo bhi intezaar kar rahi ho XD you never know XD

Ok so there was this guy who was trying his hard to be in relation with me. He hit me up by appreciating my poetry skills. Lol when I said no to his proposal he directly started to dislike my poetries and said “I WAS LYING THIS WHOLE TIME IN FACT YOUR POETRY SUCKS NIMAL” :”)😭

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
Aur tumnay sunlia? Khair hay sach bhi sunna chahiay XD
Acha jk bro choro har kisi ki baatain nahi suntay chill karo🌸🌸

How to apologise. Koi seekha do. I blocked my friend after he pranked me. He texted me through other app that it was a prank. I unblocked him then but now he blocked me for not trusting him. Yara block unblock apology. I’m so irritated 🤥. He’s not accepting my apology. Not even seeing my texts.

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
Sorry karlia na tu give him time to process, to think sawaar na ho ab🌚
He'll be fine ig.


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