Ask @SameeraAziz:

How many hadith of hadrat mohammad (saw) you know about the future and present of all arabian nations

think about urself...and focus on urself, not on many hadiths u know? and who are u to ask me? respect urself

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One day israel will expand and grab the arab states like syria (except damshiq) sout turky east egypt north west of saudia arabia, jordan,west of iraq. What is your openion about this prediction.

well..its just a prediction

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I want to use my voice for radio. I am an English teacher residing in Jeddah. Don't have an idea where to start. Any advice?

u have to apply at any english radio with the concept of ur show

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R u still hosting a program at Asianradiolive? Secondly how did you learn Urdu?

Waseem Khan
yes i m still hosting...i studeid in karachi university. i was born in saudi arabia by pakistani parents

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sameera why u don't like if we praise yr face?

no, i just don't like if som1 ignore my work & talk about my face, or if som1 extra praises me... don't misunderstood me

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Question for girls..........why do you wear high heels? I mean they cant be comfortable?

M.Noman Khan Sherwani ♏️
haha, many people criticize me for wearing high heels, bcz i am already very tall. and yes, very high heels are really uncomfortable. but its OK to wear them for the parties of 3 hours.

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