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Do you think that overconfidence is really a thing?

Yes, when you start thinking that all your victories are done with only your efforts that's the point where the overconfidence starts.

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When someone of the opposite gender you newly started talking to, replies to your messages super fast, which of these you think the most about them? •appreciate quick reply •have tone of free time •probably like me •too clingy •have no life •usually thinking about the message only •others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Usi se pooch kr baat clear kr lo. Simple ☺

Bhenchoood itni tharki awaam baithi hy ask پر lrkiyon k "hi" k answer pr bhi 80 80 likes aur 150 rewards hain, hd hy yarrrr.

Ye to hai yar.....

In foreign countries: respect her she's on her periods In Pakistan: eww tumhe irritation nai hoti? Ganda nai lgta? Yr dor he raho soch k he ajeeb hota🌚

It's a girl's matter and its a natural thing. People should help and understand this. Everyone are not same if anyone says that words they are simply IGNORANT.
Don't blame Pakistan 🙏🏼

Smoke and chill 🖤

itx_Umii’s Profile PhotoUmar Khan
Zayada kuch nai kaho ga bs ye batao ke ap ki Ami or abu jb ye dekhe ge ke unki ulaad ye kaam kr rahi hai to unke dill pr kiya guzre gi or ap jante bhi ho ke ye "Silent Killer" hai phir bhi. Bs ak dafa khud ko apne parents ki jagga rakh kr dekho. Baki apki life apki marzi.🚬⚰️
Smoke and chill
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