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I have never done like fir like😂 Or like = shit😂😂😂

Lakshay Vohra
(Lakshay. I love you for this answer, bro)
GirI: Hey Babe......
Guy: Hi, Babe
GirI: l'm Worried.
Guy: Why?
Girl: l'm Worried One Day You WiIl Love Another GirI More Than you Love Me...
Guy: To Be Honest Babe... l WiIl
GirI: Oh...
Guy: You WiIl Meet Her.
GirI: Why Would She Meet Me?!
Guy: Because When She Sees You She WiIl Look Up At You And CaIl You Mommy.

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What do you see in the girl first, her boobs or ass?

And what about her wonderful eyes? What of her pleasant smile? And what about her beautiful heart? You just saved your nose this time or else it'd be broken already. Its people like you, who pollute our society with such mindset. You people have to realise that everything has a limit. If you crack jokes, it should be within those limits, because when it is crossed it is not cool or funny, but rather disgusting. And how would you feel if someone comments on you sisters or mothers? And when you talk about girls in general, they are also included. Girls are not just about boobs or asses. They are more than that and you should learn to respect them, because it was a woman who has given you birth, a woman whom you pledge to protect, and a woman whom you are going to marry and it will be a woman, who will give you your kids.

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