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The truth is just a lie we've chosen to believe and yours maybe different than mine. If you had the unfathomable power to go back in time, what would you do with it ?

Relive those happy moments, those sad moments. Relive the mistakes that I made because all of that, all of that past is what used to define me, just like what I am in this present moment defines me.

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What can I do to make a woman happy if I don't have money?

H A M Z A Y °¬°
Be kind to her. Respect her. Loyal rahen khuda k liye. Dheemi awaz aur andaz mai baat karen. Ese behave na karen k wo apki property hai. Agr uski kisi baat ya harkat ya soch se ikhtelaf hai to aram se beth k baat kren rather than ghusse hone k. Aur bhi bohat kuch hai aur har shakhs mukhtalif hota hai so mai ek generalized baat nai kr skti.
Also paise se khushi nahi aati mostly. 🙃

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