Ask @samu_love:

Disha raut is such a attention seeker. You can tell that from her writings.

Well, i personally thought that it would be awkward to be open and transparent in front of people. But after reading her blogs, i realise how strong she is and i guess this is her strength. She is not writing all this for people you msg or call her and ask whether she is fine or to seek attention. She is doing this to comfort those who are dealing with the same. I am sorry, but assholes like you can never get that.
@Disha_Raut, believe me I literally love your writings.Do not stop❤

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Likers Get Food Tbh? 🍕 - Wow, You're Perfect! 🍟 - Damn! You're hot ! 🍭 - Such A Cuttay! 🍬 - You're a total sweetheart 🍦 - You're hilarious. 🍫 - I Love You 🍣 - You're so annoying, stay away! 🍺 - We should chill someday 🍩 - I can trust you 🍖- I miss you so much! 🍰 - You're a close friend.

Donee💯 And in turn i get food for real?😋❤

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