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Kis ko #miss kiya eid pay?

Junaid Ahmed Awan
I don't know if it's okay anymore for me to ask you how are you, but then, who cares. You know me , I'll do exactly what I'm not supposed to do . And here I am , writing to you , knowing very well that this should be the last thing for me to do .
So,how are you? Are you finally happy to see me this way ? To see the marvelous destruction you created ? To see a vulnerable, miserable me ?
You must be Probably assuming that I hate you now , just like all the other things you assumed. But hate is something I can't feel now .
Out of all emotions , grateful would be the closest to how I feel about you , about us. I am grateful to you for making me realise how much of depth resides within me ,how deeply I can love someone who never belonged to me . I am grateful to you for acquainting me with the strength it takes to forgive someone for our own sake .

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ايس ايم سى
People be telling nonsense stuff and trying to show off . Khud se hi khushfehmian bna lete hn or apne ap ko khush krte hn.. they think what they do or their actions are always ok .. come on man go buy some self respect.. and @zeerakkhan10 I don't even know why are you doing this? ARE YOU MAD OR SOMETHING?
Haan ...
Let the dogs bark .. write whatever you want to and that's not gonna change the reality .. and if I'm not saying anything that doesn't mean I can't .. Stay in your damn limits otherwise I can show you your limits .
Apne izat ko apne hath mein rkho or bacha lo ... get a life and leave !!!

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