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What’s the issue? Niqab se problem kia h yahan hr kisi ko? Chahe kisi lrki ne kese b kapre pehne hoon who are you to judge her? Or usko btane wale k wo niqab kare ya nai? Grow up man jo b hn ye log or apni life pe focus karain dosro ki nai.. live and let them live!

You have the right to make decisions based on what you believe is best for yourself and you owe no one an explanation for it. (:

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Alhamdullilah for the friends that have stayed in my life and supported me through the worst times. Alhamdullilah for those who have left and showed me that I'm better off without them, Alhamdullilah for those who have taught me to be a better person, I know I was probably toxic for some and they were also toxic for me. Alhamdullilah for every blessing and every lesson I have ever experienced. I'm grateful that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has given me lessons in life that I shall never forget. I am thankful for everything He has blessed me with and everything He has taken away and replaced with something better. Alhamdullilah for the good company I have around me, people who love me enough to care about me. But I'm more thankful to Allah for loving me and guiding me even on the days I have felt nothing but sadness and confusion in my heart and soul.
♡*رمضان مبارک*♡

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