Ask @sandraPrisc:

Caranya buat bikin orang yang kita suka lupain masa lalunya gimana ya? Butuh saran hehe:v

jangan bikin dia lupain masa lalunya better u just goin with her/him make her happy till she feel comfort with u then she just fall with u,its ok if she cant forgetting her past but she still have u to be most precious thing in her life right now,her past its so yesterday the most important is how u draw her future life 👌🏻

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When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new?

im not sure when I decide to be brave and loose my believin on someone I try to have new life to not just to depend, at first I feel give up with everything and just do fake smile, trying so hard to look happy but really damn hurt behind. No one know I always wake up with puffy eyes bcs crying too much before have sleep or feel fear and worry after have nightmare and overthinking. But today I feel blessed with that decision I found new life with more happily sorrounded with my lovely family, friends and I can love myself more.

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