Ask @sandyfreed:

There is a girl that me and my best friend like and we’re Been friends since 3 years old and he called dibs on this girl but the girl said he doesn’t like him back and me and this girl were like best friends to each other and I think she likes me should I ask her to be my gf is that wrong?

She will tell your friend when the time is right, just sit back and watch the show.

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Am I a mean /bad gf if I get annoyed when my bf friends come over..I have my reasons for why but I feel like bcuse my bf has known them so long he wouldn’t even understand or would just assume I don’t really like all his frends/fam.When Really I just like having privacy & think we need time alone

No, I sometimes am like that, just have a talk. You could arrange days when you could be alone with him.

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