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Annyeong <3 :D I really love your work and want to ask: Do you plan to do maybe Streams or YT-Videos with your work processes, it would be awesome to see how you've done this awesome work :) (sry dont wanna post it Anonym :D)

I'm thinking of doing those soon. At this moment, I'm extremely busy with full time job ;w; FYI I have twitch https://www.twitch.tv/sangrde !

Also would you come to a karaoke online? >3< Well, listen to good singers too, of course~ We plan them alot lol

I will check it out c: ~

Check your twitter when you can~ I want to give you more than the regular for your commissions soon. You're one of the best artists ever! Oh and are you rich? Cause you should be lol.

Hi I will ~~ thanks c: <3

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face reveal??

I do from time to time and delete later, lol
Please check my instagram/fb page often xD ~

I dunno if this has been asked before but... How did you managed to find your own style? I can't seem to find anything that fits me ; v ; PS: I'm super terrible at drawing boys but I'm "real good" at drawing girls, any tips? Have a nice day :D

If you've noticed, I change my style a lot from anime to more realism. I just choose what it fits the best, for example, when i draw chibi, I don't go super realistic although i can. Simplifying is needed to exaggerate features, you know. Or depending on the concepts and ideas too, I control how much I wanna make my style look simple and cute, or realistic and serious. For example, when you practice drawing boys, I would reference style that you pursue to show other people. Like, if you wanna do something like otome game characters, I would reference art from Mystic Messenger. Even you reference that style, your style will be also there too, right? Or if you're trying to show people semi-realism and serious male characters, look at the art of Devil May Cry or Final fantasy, etc. Think of what you wanna deliver people.

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What is the size and resolution of images you usually draw?

For size, I use at least 2k pixel / 72 dpi. Usually 2~3k is good for my speed of computer. For printing, I go more than that (my computer super slows down thou) and 300 dpi.
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Who is your inspiration when you first started out?

My first inspiration was Hyeong Tae Kim, I kinda moved from anime style later but a lot of Korean illustrators (kkuem, Hyeongtae Kim, etc.) gave me inspirations. Later, I was into Japanase TCG art style (like Mushimaro from Rage of Bahamut, redjuice999). Later, semi-realism artists like Sakimichan, Kyrie, Tahra, WLOP became my inspirations. Now I draw in both anime and semi-realism style. But i'd say not a specific artist was my inspiration for my current art style.

Hello Sangrde! Let me tell you that your art is absolutely superbly amazing! And self taught, too! Which makes me wonder: Does this means you are freelancing jobs without any papers (Degree, Diploma?) Does having no papers affect in any way when looking for art related jobs?

It does not require you a degree when you do freelance work. Because most of them do not require about your info other than your name/ signature on the contract. If you are interested in working in the industry for a full time job, it may be different. But a lot of times, people with degree do not have art-related degree. The most most important thing is your portfolio.
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I was wondering if I could use a picture off of this website to put on a cake or would there be a copyright issue

um which picture are you talking about ?...

I've been a huge fan of you for years now! I've been apart of dA since 2006, I've improved a lot over the years, but still not there yet. Digital painting, like your style is my main goal. Have any advice on how to really 'start'? (I'm a SAI user, though started with PS but just didn't work for me)

yea i used to stick with SAI, photoshop was never my thing. But if you are going for semi-realism/realism style, photoshop will give u much more tools and options so i recommend you using it. Once you get used to it, you will be able to do much more than SAI offers.
One suggestion I have photo-study with photoreference on photoshop as a practice. Try to replicate other photography as a photoshop painting. If you do that often, you will find photoshop familiar and easier.

HI!! i really love your artworks! <3 man, youre really talented, you started drawing since 2010 and now wow! now thats what i call talent! while me on the other started since i was 3 or 4 but i still cant come close to your skill xD

ahhh thank u i just draw a lot and that's my secret ;v; haha I sleep less than 4 hrs these days///dies ;v;

Photoshop is a bit too complicated for me, plus it makes my laptop super laggy. I've used SAI for about a year now with semi-realism, but how to you get the, er, "wet," or "shiny" look to your skin? I think a tutorial might help?

HetaPanda’s Profile PhotoTori Lee
I will make a tutorial about that sometime. I use linear dodge on photoshop and put some texture on the skin like highlights. For SAI, there must be linear dodge option too.

Do you do line art before an illustration or go straight to painting

I usually do rough sketch or just go right into painting -- just to save time ;;v;; ~

What was your first job?

My first job... hmm i've been working as a freelance since high school. Because I'm an international student and i don't have a work visa.. so i havn't had an official job yet xD;

Hello~ This probably sounds really stupid but I am experimenting in digital art and I was wondering what your favorite brushes were to work with? Thank you!

Ohhh interesting question, hmmm I use soft round brushes for smoothing textures often. And just general hard round brush a lot too.
I like textured brushes like oil-painting strokes or dust-like textures. Honestly, there isn't much differences between people's brushes since I find similar style brushes whenever I download some artists' brush pack, and I can work with either one of theirs. I'd just try out a lot of different brushes because there may be some specific ones you find 'synchronizing' with your art style, and some ones may not work with you. Sometimes you can customize your brushes too. Just experience a lot and you will find out what works the best for you.

I was wondering where you get your prints done? Cause I've been searching for a good printing shop that presents good quality for a good price :)

I usually print at my school ;v; haha it costs 3 dollar for 11" x 17" print. I used Fedex sometimes since the pricing is almost same and it's super fast but the quality is soso.
I heard some online shops like Cat Print or best value copy is cheaper than offline stores but i havn't tried yet... I'm not sure but I got some good recommendations about them.

Hello Sangrde, I really admire your artwork and I find your particular style very intriguing. I saw some of your tutorials that mentions digital-drawing/painting. I wanted to ask do you hand-draw or digital-draw your sketches before doing the digital coloring?

Taylor Vo
Thanks~ I used to hand draw sketches but now i got used to digital tablet and sketch in digital right away (to save time scanning sketches ^^; ~~ )

What brushes do you use? I really love your style, it kind of reminds me of Ōkami's style :)

ofalcon’s Profile PhotoOscar F
I use my custom brushes usually but I like to use Wlop/Zeronis/Ilya's brush sets a lot for texturing. Other than that, basic round brushes I use often.

Hello! Your art is literally the greatest. Like..dayum. Your icon caught my attention and I am so happy I clicked it. I have one question, hoooowwwww do you draw so good? Especially self-taught. Hoooooowwwwww? What did you do to get so amazing, also, digital art, hooooooowwww???!!

Thank you ;v; well honestly i draw a lot.. like 15 hours straight doing nothing but one drawing. I really spend a lot of time on it and i enjoy it. So I believe that's how became better than before. For digital art, i study a lot from other ppl and observe really closely/try to figure out how they did it, like what brushes they used, what effects/filter they used here. It's like stealing their techniques ahhaha xDD

hi! i really love your art and it's my dream to reach your level!! it is so beautiful. Do you have any advice do get better at drawing dynamic or poses that look "smooth" (my poses are "stuck") :/ and also, i would be very happy if you did a painting tutorial <3 :D have a ice day!!

I'll be posting some painting tuts! For dynamic poses, it helps when you put Contrapposto in your poses, it's a great tip that has been used since Greek art in the 4th century BC. Also, save photos of interesting poses and make a folder of it so you can always study and reference from there. Sometimes studying photos instead of drawings help than ever <:

Yo Sangrde, how do you pronounce your name? xD Oh also, love you work, it's really inspiring. Keep rocking!

Thank you ~~~ i think i can only write it correctly in korean... lol
It's like SANG - le (like pronouncation in French) - Deh .. i've been considering about changing my penname since a lot of ppl in real life hard to pronounce it... *^* ;;;;..

hi sangrde!. what is your daily drawing routine? im newbie but i want to learn with extreme time / day so i can grow up with more faster., at least in 5 years i want to be super expert artist :3. for now i will learn just from your tutorial on DA, :D

I don't have a specific routine but I usually draw a doodle with ink, and then work on some figure drawings/contour drawings. Or urgent commissions or fanart, original works etc. I believe drawing what you wanna draw and actually enjoying it is the most important part. Just have fun with it and you'll be a better artist in a few yrs c:

hi :D i really like your tutorials and i would be glad if you could make one about anatomy "shortcuts" i don't know if i'm clear but, for example when a character is pointing his finger at the viewer, we don't see the whole arm. Do you have tips to draw the limbs with shortcuts? ^^ have a nice day <

Thanks! but to be honest, anatomy is always the weakest part for me (that's what my mentor also tells me), so I dont think I will make an anatomy tutorial. I will be only doing tutorials about what I know for sure cuz i dont wanna misinform people with my low knowledge so yeah.. I'm thinking of making special effects/coloring tutorial though since that's what I'm most familiar of. Sorry about that. If you look up some foreshortening tutorials on youtube, I believe u can find some answers there ^^
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Hi!! How did you start advertising your arts on deviantart??;w; I'm working hard on improving my arts and I can do that myself by looking up tutorial videos, but it's hard to find tutorials that teach how to advertise your art effectively... I know quality need to come first but any advice beside?

Well, I remember my watchers were less than 100 in my first year on dA, I actually had that question and very curious about it. First of all, I interacted with a lot of people (on forum or just random deviants page). Also, share your works with tons of groups and forum posts (thumbnail sharing), and draw fanart from popular series. These 3 things helped me the most for getting attention from people.
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