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Aik larka aik Larki ki Kese Care Kr Sakta Hai ? K larki ko lage k ya uss k liye Best Ho ga Zindagi ma !!! ??? How it is Possible ??

Amm.. make her realize how special she is.. how gorgeous she is even when she is not wearing make up. Tell her that you are in love with her soul. Encourage her when she is having doubts about herself. Listen to her when she is struggling. Take her out. Get her meaningful gifts. If you can't afford it's ok. Give her something that means to you. Something yours. Comfort her. And most importantly respect her.
Sweet anon i hope she loves you back :)

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Aik Larki Hai. Usse Aik Larke Sa Payar Tha Wo Larka Larki ko Chor Gya. Abb Aik Aur Larka Hai jo Uss Larki Ko Buhat Chata Hai Aur Dono appas Ma Dost B Hain lakin Jb wo Usse I Love Bolta Hai Tu Wo Naraz Ho Jati Hai. Abb Wo Larka Kese Manai Uss Larki Ko. 😣😣 Plz Tell me. Please Don't Ignore This

I am not the person you should really come to for this kind of advice. Amm i think that girl has trust issues because of her ex. If you really love her then tell her how much you love her and that it doesn't matter to you if she loves you back or not. And that you'd always be there for her. Eventually she'll move on from the previous guy and look at you and ll realize that you were there all along when she was not her best self and you waited for her with patience and respect.

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Random Thoughts ?👻

- I think i should sell my hair i can get a solid 10 wig out of it.
- O emm jeee.. GARLLL HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR? Cos you iz soooo hot *while looking in the mirror.
- Am i getting taller o_o
- I can haz cocopops..give me ma cocopopz bijjjisss...or I'll sacrifizzzee you to satan.
- I think i am bi *after staring at a cute c gori chick for 5 straight minutes*
- I fucking hate my eyesbrows like wtf brows calm the fuck's been only 4 days i trimmed ua ass.. can you not.
- Where are all the damn fries..come forward or I'll eat kachchup.i can eaaat kachhupp...chxtvdhgdrsggdc yumm uuc awtu7i yuummmm...
- Bdsm.. satanic staaahp brain.
- ooohhhh looook.. he is cuteeeee.. his overies..seriously i should stop..
- I think i am going to be BANKRUPT..OH WELL too late.. hey look someone sent me 10 $.. fuck yeah i am rich again.
- I think i have puppy dog eyes.
- Ohhh puppies..
- Oh lion cubs..
- I want a lion cub.. can i haz a lion cub :(
- No you can't.. think about something else..
- Cake.. i want cake..
And it carries on.

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