Ask @sapphirewinx:

Hey Emma! Huge fan of your writing! I hope this doesn't come across as nosy but I've been curious about Wattpad ads earnings since it's not something that many writers talk about! As a part of the Futures program, do you find that there's actually significant revenue from the ads on your stories?

Everyone in the Futures program earns a different amount - it's not set, but yes, every three months I do make enough to get a pay out.

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Hey, how do manage your time between writing and doing other stuff in your busy life?

well, as you can probably tell, i don't really write much while i'm in university. I'll upload the odd chapter here or there, but for the most part i focus on school/socializing with my friends.
I'm in a co-op program where I alternate between working and studying every four months - so the months that I do upload once a week are when I'm working and have nothing else to do except work 9-5 and then relax :)

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When you write a story, it was planned out OR you just go with the flow?

with my first attempts at writing i tried to just go with the flow and the stories ended up being super long witha lot of things in there that were not essential to the plot. So, I find it much easier to plan out main plot points (beginning, middle, climax, end) along with scenes that I want to slot in the story so that everything flows a lot nicer and i don't waste time writing something that doesn't need to be in the story! :)

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Why does your stories always have happy endings? Your main characters always somehow get together in the end.

truth: I don't like stories *without* a HEA. If I know a story doesn't have one (or a series doesn't have one) I will not read the story 90% of the time. It's just my preference for reading, and it's translated into my preference for writing.
(Though some endings ... like HEAFN are not off the table 😏)

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hey emma! are you studying to become a chemical engineer? if so in which year are you right now? which university?

I am :) And i'm in a co-op program where you alternate every four months between working a full-time job and a study term at the university, so even though i'm technically going into my fourth year in september, the school term is only my second-half of third year.

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